Let the Church Say Amen 2013

A prominent reverend balances his duty to the church with family woes as his 21-year-old daughter tries to put her life back together.

Let the Church Say, Amen 2003

In Washington D.C., one church becomes the symbol of a local community dedicated to one another.

Liverpool Church Parade and Inspection 1901

This film captures both the build-up and the impressive parade itself, involving a brass band and then a lengthy march-past of what must surely have been the entire local police force. As the parade nears its end, three small girls understandably show more interest in the camera, an enthusiasm that quickly spreads to the whole crowd as they wave their hats and cheer.

Eric Church: Inside The Outsiders 2014

Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of Eric Church's new album The Outsiders. See live performances, song sneak peeks and brand new interviews all from Church and only on CMT.

Inside The Church Of Satan 2010

This investigative film ushers us inside the controversial Church of Satan, with an exclusive inside look at the most intimate aspects of their philosophy and rituals.

Tiamat: The Church Of Tiamat 2006

This 15-song performance, presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, was from a show recorded at Krzemionki TV Studio in Krakow, Poland. The setlist includes all Tiamat's "greatest hits" including The Sleeping Beauty, Gaia, Whatever That Hurts and more.

Gallhammer: Ruin of a Church 2008

Tokyo's all-girl black metal band Gallhammer electrifies fans in this 2007 concert recorded live in a deconsecrated church in Colchester, U.K. Songs include "Hallucination," "Speed of Blood," "Endless Nauseous Days" and more. The trio -- Vivian Slaughter, Risa Reaper and Mika Penetrator -- also rips through "At the Onset of Age of Despair" and "Crucifixion," and bonus material includes a band interview and the music video for "World to Be Ashes."

Little Church Around the Corner 1923

A wealthy minister in a mining town is something of an advocate for the miners' safety, but he doesn't really get involved in the issue. He is soon snapped out of that attitude, however, when his daughter is trapped underground in a mine explosion, along with the mine's owner.

The Church on Dauphine Street

In the dismal wake of Hurricane Katrina, a band of distinct personalities form a kinship to rebuild a destroyed church in New Orleans and reunite the diverse congregation, including many deaf parishioners, who worshipped there before the disaster. The church's head priest, Father Joseph Benson, gets help from an ex-Marine proficient in sign language and an inspired team of volunteers, some of whom who lost their own homes to the storm.

Church: Enmore Theatre Concert 1992

The Church's first video release showcases a legendary live performance -- the entire final concert of the Australian tour supporting their "Priest=Aura" album -- featuring departing member Peter Koppes with drummer Jay Dee Daugherty (Patti Smith Group). Tracks include "Aura," "Ripple," "Myrrh," "Metropolis," "Destination," "Fly," "Shadow Cabinet," "North South East West," "Sisters," "The Disillusionist" and many more.

Metal Church: [2016] Wacken Open Air 2016

Metal Church at Wacken Open Air, Wacken, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany Fake Healer In Mourning Start the Fire Gods of Second Chance Date with Poverty No Tomorrow Watch the Children Pray No Friend of Mine Killing Your Time Beyond the Black Badlands The Human Factor

Charlotte Church: Voice of an Angel 1999

Welsh soprano Charlotte Church takes center stage at Brixton Academy for her first solo concert (at the tender age of 13), performing songs from her best-selling debut album, Voice of an Angel. Backed by the London Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, Church performs a mix of Welsh and Irish folk numbers, devotional hymns and classical melodies, including her signature songs "Pie Jesu," "Danny Boy" and "My Lagan Love."

Let's Have Some Church Detroit Style 2015

This moving documentary about Detroit-based choir The Hallelujah Singers, and the group's charismatic founder and director Dr. E. LaQuint Weaver, was a 4-year labor of love for director Andrew Sacks. Filled with glorious gospel music, the film takes a look at the hopes, dreams and realities of the 25 men and women who sing in the choir, and also focuses on Weaver's return trip to his boyhood home of Birmingham, Ala., as his group competes in a music awards event. The feature -length work is beautifully shot and skillfully edited, as Sacks and associate producer Patrick Murphy have utilized their many years of experience in video production and photojournalism to create a deeply felt look at the ensemble. Narrated by former WDET music host Rev. Robert Jones, Sr., "Let's Have Some Church" shows how faith, determination and a love of gospel music can give spiritual sustenance to a community.

Metal Church: [2016] Rock Hard Festival 2016

Metal Church at Amphitheater Gelsenkirchen, Gelsenkirchen, Germany Fake Healer In Mourning Start the Fire Reset Gods of Second Chance Date with Poverty No Tomorrow Watch the Children Pray No Friend of Mine Killing Your Time Beyond the Black Badlands The Human Factor

Metal Church: Dynamo - Classic Concerts '91 2007

Beyond the Black The Human Factor In Mourning Fake Healer Flee from Reality In Harm's Way Ton of Bricks Start the Fire The Final Word Agent Green Date with Poverty Metal Church

The Blueprint for a Perfect Church 2013

Christian perfection; that is, spiritual maturity and growth should be an objective of followers of Christ. In this message, rediscover biblical truths that will help Christians become members of and contributors to the "perfect" Church.